Seen and Heard International: Der Rosenkavalier at Bayerische Staatsoper

"Golda Schultz in the part of Sophie was a very pleasant surprise. This South African soprano studied at the Juilliard School in New York and has sung a few times in Munich in the past two years. She was the best of the entire cast, with a lovely voice and more body than what is usual in these characters. She has no problems reaching the audience and is a superb singer. I think we will hear much more from her. 

Martin Gantner was well-suited to the role of Faninal, and Yosep Kang did a good job with the difficult aria of the Italian Singer.The other characters were, without exception, well-covered. 

Again, the Nationaltheater was sold out. The biggest ovations were for Golda Schultz and Peter Rose, in that order."