New York Classical Review: Haydn's Seasons

"Of the trio, the standout by far was the Hanne of Golda Schultz... She brought a winning, bright-eyed stage presence to match the irresistible energy of her voice. Always lively, occasionally hardening to achieve a more penetrating quality, her soprano is at its most affecting when she lets it be cool and liquid. She can spin off a line of pure silk with ease, and showed perfect control in Wednesday’s performance, delicately and precisely crafting her phrases..."

National Review: Feature

"There is a Sound of Music tour (of course), and Golda Schultz has taken it. She is a fan of musicals. She herself is an opera singer, a young soprano from South Africa. And she is the first guest in our Salzburg Festival Society series — a series of Q&As before an audience. A wonderful, personable, and effervescent guest she is, too. She speaks in a lovely, lilting South African English. This year at the festival, she is appearing in a Mozart opera, La clemenza di Tito.